DC Early Intervention External Services & Resources for Early Intervention Providers and Families

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by Priya Kumrah,  Nicole Huitt, Kristen Mitchell (GU CEI’23)

“The main focus [of early intervention] is to build the capacity of caregivers and the services are free to DC residents!”

-Rima Fusisi, Service Coordinator, Strong Start DC

Hello EI providers! Let’s talk about the services and resources that are external to the DC Early Intervention program, Strong Start, BUT are available to all families receiving EI and their providers. Unfortunately, providers and families lack knowledge regarding available resources and how to use them (Khetani et al., 2013).

We, as providers, have a responsibility to guide families towards these resources in our service delivery. To do so, we must be aware of these services and confident in our ability to direct families to external services.

What steps can we take to educate ourselves about these services and share this knowledge where it matters most?:

  1. Providers should know where to look. Strong Start’s Central Directory of Early Intervention Resources is an excellent resource.
  2. Communicate with service coordinators to best understand each service and its delivery.
  3. Share the information with families and refer them as appropriate:
  • Take time to communicate meaningfully with parents and caregivers;
  • Provide materials in the mode that is easiest for families and caregivers. This means in preferred language, modality (verbally, electronically, plain language, pictorial, etc.)
  • Create a subscription email or blog for local families and providers to promote local available services and events

Resources available in DC