Online Learning Modules

A variety of early childhood intervention professionals all share the need for information about development, partnering with families, screening and assessment, and gathering information to plan intervention and education. The following learning modules will help increase the knowledge base of all professionals across the early childhood workforce from early intervention to home visiting, Head Start, and early childhood mental health.

Contemporary Practices in Early Intervention for Children Birth through Five consists of a series of training modules and provider resources designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of early intervention and early childhood service providers from the education, health care, therapeutic, and social service fields. A free registration is required in order to complete the modules.

As part of their federally funded home visiting program, the DC Department of Health collaborated with the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development to create a series of on-line learning materials to support high quality implementation of home visiting across the District of Columbia.

This series of learning modules is designed to promote the home visitor’s knowledge of the foundations of early learning, warning signs of developmental delays, meeting the needs of families, and understanding the emerging profession of home visiting. The modules have been listed in a sequence that is beneficial for the learner but can be viewed in any order.

This series will enhance your skills and knowledge on how to implement effective mental health consultation in Head Start and Early Head Start (HS/EHS) programs. The tutorials are appropriate for a variety of audiences: mental health consultants, community mental health services or consultation program administrators, and HS/EHS program administrators and service area managers/coordinators.

A series of  eight modules that correspond to the eight competency areas in the National Competencies for IECMHC. The modules provide foundational  information on the importance of early childhood mental health consultation and the role of the mental health consultant.

Other Learning Opportunities 

Certificate Courses

Enhance your knowledge and skills as a service provider, administrator, or policy-maker.

GUCCHD Scholars

Study and/or collaborate with faculty on a research, service, or practice project.

Undergraduate Courses

Explore the College of Arts and Sciences for courses related to early childhood.