About the Center

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The Georgetown University Early Childhood Intervention Professional Development Center is a component of the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development (GUCCHD). We serve professionals in early childhood intervention, translating the science of early childhood to “real world” implementation.

What We Do

The faculty of the GUCCHD is committed to bridging the divide between what is known among researchers and practitioners to be effective and what is available in communities for young children and families. Learningei.org offers a wide variety of learning opportunities through different formats such as academic courses, on-line modules, and Certificate programs.

Our work includes interdisciplinary collaborations with all schools at Georgetown University, community-based partners, and other universities in the US and internationally. Students from all of the University participate in GUCCHD research projects, complete internships, and receive advisement from GUCCHD faculty.

“Loved the interdisciplinary group of students. We really learned from one another.”

—Physical Therapist
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Certificate Programs

Our evidence-based training programs serve those working with infants, toddlers, young children, and their families.

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Online Learning

We offer a variety of online learning modules that focus on foundational skills of supporting children and families. 

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Academic Courses

Several undergraduate courses offered through the Psychology; Education, Inquiry, and Justice; and Disability Studies programs are taught by GUCCHD faculty.

GUCCHD Scholars

Scholars from the US and internationally partner with faculty from the GUCCHD for research, training, and service provision. Scholars participate in study tours, research fellowships, and long-term study. In addition many international practitioners enroll in the variety of Certificate programs offered by the GUCCHD. 

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FulBright Scholars

The Research Lectureship in Education supports an Italian teacher or university lecturer/researcher for a research lectureship at Georgetown University.

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Diversity Scholars

The diversity fellowship program supports the recruitment and retention of diverse trainees and builds cultural and linguistic competence.

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Visiting Scholars

Scholars from across the US and internationally study and/or collaborate with faculty on a wide range of research, service, and practice projects.

Global Initiatives

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Faculty from the GUCCHD participate in training and technical assistance around the world, and host groups and individuals at home.

El Talk: A Blog for Early Childhood Professionals

EI Talk is an online forum where practitioners, students, and researchers can discuss contemporary issues that impact young children and their families.