What We Do

The first five years of life are a time of unparalleled change in the brains and abilities of young children. All families need access to a wide range of services and supports to promote healthy development. Additionally, some families need specialized services to mitigate risk factors or address problems young children may experience.

The Early Childhood Division is committed to bridging the divide between what is known among researchers and practitioners to be effective and what is available in communities for young children and families. We work at multiple levels to ensure that there is translation of evidence-based and best practice knowledge and “real world” implementation.

The Early Childhood Division at GUCCHD  is involved in a wide array of activities that support young children’s healthy development:

  • Clinical and Community Services: As part of our commitment to helping the community, the Early Childhood Division partners with community-based organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for young children with or at risk, their families, and their caregivers. The Early Childhood Division can provide assistance which include diagnostic services and interventions in homes and community-based settings.
  • Professional Development: The Early Childhood Division provides evidence-based training and professional development for those working with infants, toddlers, young children, and their families. The Division offers a wide variety of learning opportunities through different formats such as guest lectures, academic courses, on-line modules, and Certificate programs to meet the needs of our students whether in the undergraduate or graduate levels.
  • Research and Evaluation: The Early Childhood Division conducts a variety of research and evaluation activities to build the early childhood research base and provide research-informed guidance to states and communities on effective strategies and interventions. Ultimately, we strive to improve the linkages between research, policy and practice.
  • Technical Assistance: As part of our effort to translate knowledge into practice, the Early Childhood Division provides customized consultations to organizations, communities, and government entities focusing on building the capacity of service systems and service providers. Our assistance is highly individualized and has resulted in changes to policies, programs, and practices.